Chakra aromatherapy blends are a great way to enhance your Face Reading experience. Blends help to remove energy blocks, amplify your senses and bring out your creative self expression. Each of our oils are an exclusive line of Laura Schakosky’s made with exotic, perfume grade essential oils.

To order your blend, please fill out the submission form to let us know what breakthrough you want to have and what you want to create in your life. Afterwards, fill out the form and then purchase your product.

The blend is pure energy. The intention you set, focuses the energy and prayers of your intention are infused within sound therapy bowls which clears the energy and amplifies your blend. Following that, we suggest you use your blend every day for 30 days. Laura will email you a ritual to use with your blend to get the energy moving towards your desired result.

Blend Fee: 50.00 plus shipping and handling